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Step 6: LCD Header

Now, on the module side, it's time to attach a header to the LCD so that you can connect it to the socket from the previous section.

Tools Needed

  • Soldering iron

Parts Needed

  • 1 x LCD module

  • 1 x 20-pin header


  1. Line up the headers with the pins on the LCD. Remember, the short side is soldered to the LCD, and the long side will extend down to meet the socket.

  2. Gently tape the header in place so that it stays upright and secure in the socket.

  3. Solder the pins on either end first.

  4. This process may melt the place on the header a small amount. If that happens, you can use pliers to correct any pins that might have become misaligned.

  5. Solder the remaining pins into place.

  6. Now you have an LCD that's ready for making awesome games!