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Step 3: Transistors

You will now be installing NPN transistors to Q1Q2, and the PNP transistor to Q3.

Tools Needed

  • Soldering iron
  • Cutters

Parts Needed

  • 2 x NPN transistors
  • 1 x PNP transistor


  1. Before doing anything here, it's important to correctly identify which transistor is which. The NPN transistors will say "3904" on their package, while the PNP transistor will say "3906".

    Do not confuse the transistors!

    If your solder the wrong one in place, your programming port will not work and you will not be able to use your LameStation for anything useful!

  2. Find the transistor footprint on the board.

  3. You will notice right away that the leads do not fit into the footprint. You will need to bend each transistor's leads yourself, carefully.

    1. Slide your thumb nail in between the center pin and the left and right pins.
    2. Bend slightly outward, away from the flat edge of the transistor package.
    3. Using the tips of your fingers, bend the left and right pins outward, away from each other, very slightly.
    4. It should look like this when completed.
  4. Seat the transistors on the board.

    • Two NPN transistors will go into Q1 and Q2.
    • One PNP transistor will go into Q3.

    You will need to press them into place, which will bend them pins slightly further. They will not sit flush with the board; that's how it's supposed to be. They will still be sturdy and hold in place once soldered.

  5. Solder the transistors into place.

    Make sure you installed the transistors in the correct position!

    You will not be able to use your LameStation at all if done incorrectly!