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Section 5: Control

In this section, we assemble the joystick and button controls, which allow the player to interact with the console.


The LameStation provides two different types of controls: joystick and buttons.


The LameStation incorporates an analog joystick that is configured to work like a D-pad, or directional pad, on a game controller. Instead of returning precise position values, it provides only directional values, making it much easier to use in an application.

To accomplish this, something called a window comparator circuit is used. By comparing the joystick voltages to reference voltages, clear on-off signals can be generated.


The buttons used are a very common type of button called a momentary pushbutton. That means that they close a switch when pressed and open it again when released.

There is also a reset button, but this one works a little differently. Instead of being connected to a regular pin, it controls a signal that causes the whole system to reset, including the Propeller and LCD.


Parts Needed

  • 1 x Joystick potentiometer
  • 1 x LM339 quad comparator
  • 1 x 14-pin DIP socket
  • 6 x 3kΩ resistor
  • 4 x 1kΩ resistor
  • 1 x 0.1μF capacitor

  • 2 x Pushbutton switch
  • 2 x 10kΩ resistor
  • 1 x Mini pushbutton switch