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Step 5: A and B Buttons

You will be installing the 10kΩ resistors into R25 and R26. These resistors hold the voltage until a button is pressed.

Parts Needed

  • 2 x Pushbutton switch

  • 2 x 10kΩ resistor


  1. Install the two 10kΩ resistors into R25 and R26 and solder them into place.

  2. You will be installing a pushbutton switch into SW2. Notice the flat edge on the side of the button.

  3. Line up this edge with the flat edge on the footprint to ensure that the button works as intended when installed into the board.

  4. Tape the switch down to hold in place.

  5. Flip the board and solder the switch into place.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to install the next pushbutton switch into footprint SW3.