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Step 1: Comparator Socket

You will be installing the 14-pin DIP socket to U1. This will hold an LM339 quad comparator which compares the voltages output by the joystick to voltages from the voltage ladder.

Then you will install a 0.1μF decoupling capacitor to C2.

Tools Needed

  • Soldering iron

Parts Needed

  • 1 x 14-pin DIP socket

  • 1 x 0.1μF capacitor


  1. Find the footprint for U1 on the board.

  2. Tape the socket across the top to hold it in place.

    Match up the socket notches with the U1 footprint

  3. Like with the 40-pin socket of the last section, solder two corners at opposite ends first, so you can correct any problems with positioning.

  4. If everything looks good, solder the rest of the pins.

  5. Install a 0.1μF capacitor to C2, footprint pictured.