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Step 4: EEPROM Circuit

You will now be installing the EEPROM. EEPROM stands for Electrically-Eraseable Programmable Read-Only Memory, which is an excitingly complicated name for something that stores programs for the LameStation even when it's turned off. Since that's totally a mouthful, most people just call it an EEPROM.

Parts Needed

  • 1 x 24LC256 EEPROM
  • 1 x 8-pin DIP socket
  • 1 x 10kΩ resistor
  • 1 x 0.1μF ceramic capacitor


  1. Insert the 8-pin DIP socket into U7. This is where the EEPROM will sit.

  2. Find the footprint for U7.

  3. Seat the socket, being mindful of the notch that indicates orientation on both the footprint and socket.

  4. Tape the 8-pin DIP socket into place.

  5. Solder the socket into place. As before, make sure the socket is flat against the board. The top-right pins as pictured are all ground pins, so they will require more heat to melt. Be patient with these pins.

  6. Solder a 10kΩ resistor into R36. This is a pull-up resistor to create a weak high on the SDA line. Press the resistor firmly into place.

    Remember, resistors are not polarized

    That means you can install them any direction you like.

  7. Solder a 0.1uF capacitor into C13. This filters noise for the EEPROM power.