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Step 2: Voltage Ladder

Now we will be adding four 1kΩ resistors to R16R18R21, and R23, and two 3kΩ resistors to R17 and R22. Together these resistors form two voltage ladders, which create threshold voltages for the comparator.

Tools Needed

  • Soldering iron
  • Cutter

Parts Needed

  • 4 x 1kΩ resistors

  • 2 x 3kΩ resistors


  1. Find the resistor footprints for the voltage ladder on the board, next to the comparator socket.

  2. Install the 3k resistors into R17 and R22. These are nestled in between other resistors. Don't get them confused!

  3. Then install the 1k resistors into R16, R18, R21, and R23.

  4. Bend the leads of all of these resistors and solder them at the same time.