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LameStation LS1

Tech Specs


The LameStation is powered by the Parallax Propeller

  • 8 independent processor cores running at 80MHz.
  • 32kB of RAM and ROM.
  • High-speed serial programming interface.


  • 128x64 pixels.
  • White-on-blue STN LCD in standard kit.
  • KS0108 controller with 8-bit parallel bus.
  • Adjustable LCD contrast.


  • PWM output from Propeller.
  • LM386 high-gain audio amplifier circuit.
  • Switching headphone jack.
  • 8Ω speaker.
  • Adjustable volume.

LameStation is a single-channel audio device.


  • Analog thumbstick with quad comparator circuit to create D-pad like configuration.


  • 8-pin expansion port direct to Propeller.
  • Software-controlled and power-on LEDs for board bring-up.
  • PropPlug port and test points for voltage/current.